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Founder & Wild Woman Artisan

Autumn Brooke Amsden
Reiki Master Teacher 

Welcome and thank you for joining me on this journey of passion and purpose.

My story unfolds within the delicate dance of night and day, where I've cultivated a haven of balance—the scales that not only support me but also embrace my community. The threads of grief led me to this sacred space. Now, on the other side of my healing journey, I am still in the process of restoration, ready to integrate my experiences and share the offerings that have emerged.

Rooted in my lineage, I incorporate indigenous practices and education into my work, creating a tapestry of connection. Since 2018, I've been forging sacred bonds with clients and animals alike. Specializing in Whole Body + Spirit Healing, I hold the belief that within each of us lies a unique medicine. Understanding our individualism in the vast fabric of creation empowers us to share our gifts—I share mine through private and group sessions, grief healing, shamanic medicine, land blessings, intuitive creations, moon ceremonies, and more.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I am an avid community volunteer, indigenous advocate, seasoned home cook and proud dog mama. I thoroughly enjoy cooking big meals and tuning into a well-read cookbook. Food is healing for me. I also enjoy being a creator- ceremonial jewels, painting, candle dipping, you name it. I find my love language to be artistic and empowering. 


 My mission extends beyond individual healing; I seek to guide others in restoring deeper connections to the mind, body, and spirit. In addition to offering a space for rest and restoration, I provide insights and tools to accompany you on your personal journey.

I firmly believe in the innate ability of each individual to heal themselves. As a vessel—a hollow bone—I am here to facilitate that healing process. Welcome to a space where restoration meets revelation, guided by the principles of community, advocacy, and the unconditional love.

Focus ✴ In

✴Reiki Session/Ceremony〰 Remote, Distance & Travel

✴Couple + Group Healing Ceremonies

✴Grief Work

✴Animal Healing

✴Moon Gathering Hosting /Creation

✴Guided & Created Meditations

✴Shamanic Medicine

✴Birth Chart Analysis

✴Ethical Earth Tending // Family Offerings

✴Seasonal Herbal Remedies

✴Intuitive Crafting & Ceremonial Jewelry

✴Intentional // Seasonal Cooking

✴Indigenous Advocacy


✴ Land Blessings + Acknowledgments 

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