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Back to School Essentials from The Balanced Scales...

A new backpack, colorful pencils and pens, notebooks, meal plans, new teachers, new parts of you... The adjustments to a new routine for students, teachers & parents can take some extra time to become more seamless. Give yourself grace in this process. We are tuning in with nature and the changing of the season. The bodies energy centers require time to adjust, just like the Earth. Take that time. Start now.

So how can Reiki and mindfulness assist us in back-to-school season?

Reiki, a form of energy healing, can provide several benefits to students, parents, and teachers as they prepare for back-to-school. While it's important to note that Reiki should not be considered a replacement for medical or psychological treatment, it can be a complementary practice that supports overall well-being. Here are a few ways Reiki may assist:

1. Stress Reduction: Back-to-school season can be stressful for all parties involved. Reiki sessions can help reduce stress, anxiety, and nervousness, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. It can also help improve sleep quality, which is essential for students, parents, and teachers.

2. Enhanced Focus and Concentration: Reiki can support mental clarity and focus, which is beneficial for students and teachers alike. By balancing the energy flow in the body, Reiki helps individuals achieve a state of balance and centeredness, leading to improved concentration and productivity.

3. Emotional Support: Going back to school can evoke various emotions, such as excitement, nervousness, or even sadness. Reiki can help address emotional imbalances, promote emotional healing, and provide a sense of emotional support. It can help students, parents, and teachers process their feelings and cultivate a positive mindset.

4. Boosting Immunity: Reiki sessions may help strengthen the immune system, which is crucial during the back-to-school period when exposure to germs can increase. By promoting overall well-being and balance, Reiki supports the body's natural healing abilities, potentially reducing the frequency or severity of illnesses.

5. Relaxation and Energy Replenishment: Reiki promotes deep relaxation and helps restore energy levels. For students, parents, and teachers who may feel drained or overwhelmed, Reiki sessions can provide a rejuvenating experience, allowing them to recharge and approach their responsibilities with renewed vitality.

It is important to note that Reiki should be used as a complementary practice alongside conventional approaches to education and healthcare. Reiki practitioners can offer personalized sessions to address specific concerns and provide individualized support to students, parents, and teachers during the back-to-school period and beyond.

If you are seeking support for your back-to-school season, utilize code " backtoschool23 " on site when booking for 15% off all services. As always, consultations are no cost and confidential. I look forward to meeting and creating a session tailored to you.

Wishing everyone a safe and nourishing back to school season!

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