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A moon gift for you friends 🎁

I had the opportunity and honor of leading a small workshop, discussion and meditation that was guided by our most recent moon phase... [The Aquarius Super Moon] where we filled out our Moon planners together.

Now you can work with any phase within the Moons monthly cycle- I personally find organizing and softly planning my weeks with the Moons guidance becomes complimentary 🤝🏽

This sheet is a guide to your own personal goals & desires, but you can tailor it to your family / professional needs.

When working with the Full Moon I often feel Illuminated and celebratory- also a bit tired for there is a need to make space with this phase.

The New Moon often provides a nurturing clean slate- where our own inner light is called to glow...

Allow this guide to become a ritual in your month, make it simple, potent and flexible. We are not emphasizing more homework - but more soul work 🟠💫🟣

This is meant to compliment your strong routines 🫶🏾

Manifestation- displaying our thoughts, feelings & beliefs in the present -guided by the law of attraction to materialize physically

Visualizations- using our senses to concentrate & direct energetic imagery towards our intentions/goal/desires

Affirmation- a simple present statement that brightens our outlook & brings our aspirations to life- assisting what we manifest

Take what ya need, leave the rest

Find this sheet on my website in our BIO 🌝🌚

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FREE Moon Mapping Planner from Aquarius Super Moon 2023

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