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The essence of Goldenrod and the changing of the season 🍃🫴🏾🍂


This buttery balm brings a soothing essence to wounds of all kinds. Molded together with Organic Ingredients that your skin will love + appreciate.

A seasonal shift can be a catalyst for for emotions + feelings to arise. It is possible for Grief to surface,

Memories to enhance,

Crops begin to die.

Goldenrod is comfort provided by the Earth. The earth knows how to heal and soothe our wounds and guide our inner compass towards true nourishment beyond material.

Goldenrod was often used to comfort those during a time of loss. The medicinal & emotional value of GR has assisted me & many of those who walk with me in the processing & awareness of Grief Healing.

Goldenrod [Solidago] which means to "address the pain, and make whole again" 《●》

Not a quick fix,

A more delicate,

Intimate approach...

Find comfort by applying the balm to the hearts center, where loss slips in + out 🫀🫁☀️

The loss that sits deep in the wells of the heart you have a sense of calm...

The balms I create are intended to assist in the healing process of wounds physical / emotional. The consumer though is the one who heals. This balms acts as a channel.


Special thank you to this #plantmedicine for its offerings

Golden Rod Balm

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  • Ingredients:

    Sustainably Harvested Pennsylvania Golden Rod (Solidago)

    Organic Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, PA Local Beeswax

    Store in a cool and dry environment.

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